#132 - 5D10K 9: The Southern Kingdoms

We round out our overview of the 10 Kingdoms of the south by looking at the trials and tribulations of Chu, Former & Later Shu, Jingnan, and Southern Han’s travails against Annam… but little do they know, they’re one and all riding for a fall…

Time Period Covered:

870-960 CE

Major Historical Figures:

Huang Chao


Governor Liu Jianfei,

King Ma Yin,

Minister Gao Yu,

King Ma Xifan,

Prince Ma Xi’ou,

King Ma Xiguang

Former/Later Shu:

King Wang Jian (“Bandit Wang Eight”) [r. 903-918],

Minister Feng Juan,

Minister Wei Zhuang,

King Wang Yan [r. 918-925]

King Meng Zhixiang [r. 933-965]

Governor Dong Chang [d. 930]


King Gao Zhichang [r. 907-]

King Gao Congmei

Southern Han:

Governor Liu Qian, of the Man People [d. 896]

Prince Liu Yin of Nanhai [r. 896-911]

Emperor Liu Yan, “The Heavenly Dragon” [r. 911-942]

Emperor Liu Hongdu [r. 942-960]

Annam (N. Vietnam):

Governor Duong Dinh Nghe [d. 938]

Ngo Quyen [r. 939-]