How To Become A Tidy Person

Are you a messy, messy person? Do you have loads of stuff, that you can never keep tidy? This week Tessa tells Stevie how she became a tidy person. Disclaimer, Marie Kondo features heavily in this episode.

The Debrief Podcast

Constantly living in your overdraft? Occasionally still drunk texting your second most recent ex? Haven't quite worked out how to build that BILLY bookcase you bought last month? The Debrief podcast is here to help you navigate your 20s, one life crisis at a time. We haven't got it all figured out either, but each week Stevie and Tessa will be taking advice from experts, grown-ups who've been there and you, The Debrief reader. If the thought of becoming a proper adult fills you with dread, then fear not - we've got this.

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