The Daily Meditation Podcast

By Mary Meckley
Guided meditations 7-days a week to sleep better, reduce stress and anxiety, and to be your most productive. Join a Free 100-Day Meditation Quest at, where you're also invited to join a Free Private Daily Meditation Facebook Group to connect with listeners from around the world who follow the weekly meditation series along with you. Learn how to meditate in just 15-minutes as we explore a different weekly meditation theme together. Additionally you'll discover a brand new meditation technique every single day. The meditation techniques help you Manage Stress (Episodes 323-329)during your day, whether you're Managing Anger (Episodes 106-112), Self Doubt (Episodes 225-231), Fear (Episodes 344-350), Addiction (Episodes 386-392), Anxiety (Episodes 176-182), Depression (Episodes 443-449)or need a little extra Confidence (Episodes 190-196).

Mary Meckley is your certified Meditation Coach.