Paul Rodgers

Paul Rodgers is one of the greatest rock vocalists alive. He's a founding member of Free and Bad Company, worked with Jimmy Page and Queen, and continues making music and touring to this day. His new album is called Free Spirit. Pre-order Free Spirit and get tickets to see Paul perform live at

07:00 - Great voice & health attributed to stopping drugs & alcohol

17:00 - Howlin' Wolf inspired him

21:00 - The band Free began

30:00 - The story of writing 'Alright Now'

50:00 - Friendship between Led Zeppelin & Bad Company

56:00 - Origin of the song 'Feel Like Making Love' & peyote

58:00 - Story of 'Shooting Star'

68:00 - Working with Jimmy Page

76:00 - Playing with Queen

84:00 - Music Industry today

86:00 - Jimi Hendrix story