TTT Podcast: Talking Tactics: You'll Never Look at Football the Same Way Again

Mihail Vladimirov, Bob Pearce and Dan Rhodes discuss the new book: 'Talking Tactics - You’ll Never Look at Football the Same Way Again' by Mihail Vladimirov and Bob Pearce.

Do you get your 4-2-3-1s confused with your Christmas trees? How are you with inverted wingers, False 9s, holding midfielders and sweeper-keepers? Does tactical jargon leave you confused, but at the same time, examples of the media’s obvious tactical ignorance (“4-4-2 is more attacking than 4-5-1”) leave you annoyed? Do you want a bit more than “they just wanted it more”?

In this book, erstwhile London radio host Bob Pearce quizzes Bulgarian tactician Mihail Vladimirov from the point of view of the dummy (not to be confused with the footballing act where a player goes to do something and then, cunningly, doesn’t. Bob and Mihail definitely did this book).

Written over a number of years for The Tomkins Times website, with edits and additions made for book format in 2016, this is a look at tactical theory that uses Liverpool Football Club for most of its exemplars, but which should appeal to anyone who wants to know a bit more about tactical theory.

Now available on Kindle for £4.99.