The Nina Kauser Show: Klopp Commits

Jurgen Klopp commits his long term future to Liverpool FC and Nina is back with a reaction pod to this great news. She is joined by Gags Tandon, Rory Greenfield and Stuart Bridson to discuss. The panel talk about their initial thoughts on the news, with Klopp stating he has final say on transfers finally mean we can put an end to the committee Vs Manager war that has been so rife in the past. Klopp taking full responsibility a risky move, should he just focus on coaching and let a director of football handle the transfers? Or has this new deal given him more responsibilities?

The panel also discuss the conspiracy theories surrounding this news, is this a distraction from failing to sign players? Is it to secure more proven players in the transfer window or are FSG trying to make Liverpool FC a more desirable club for potential buyers buy securing Klopp all this and more on The Nina Kauser Show!