The AI Committee Podcast: Episode 19 - Keeping Tabs on the Bundesliga

The #AICommittee Podcast is back, but this time introducing a new sub-series called Keeping Tabs where host, Leroy Mah, looks to revisit some players previously linked with Liverpool in the past and for names which have been recommended in previous podcasts to see how they've been keeping up.

To kick things off, Leroy will be keeping tabs on Bundesliga targets with the help of Andy Wales (@AndyArmchair) and John O'Sullivan (@NotoriousJOS) to see how a few Bundesliga players linked and talked about in past podcasts are faring.

By looking at how they are doing now, we then revisit the need for #LFC to still go for them or not in the upcoming window.

For all this and more, tune in to the #AICommittee Podcast!