Talking Tactics: Episode 16 - Bielsa and Klopp - Two El Loco's

On this special episode of the #AITalkingTactics podcast, Leroy Mah hosts the one and only Jed Davies (@TPiMBW) as they talk about Marcelo Bielsa, better known as El Loco, and his football philosophies.

In this special Leroy delves deeper into why Marcelo Bielsa was the manager of choice for Jed's latest book. The two then look at what tactics he typically deploys and his coaching styles.

These are then tied back to Liverpool's very own El Loco in Jürgen Klopp to see if there are any lessons that can be learned in the process to better the Reds' intense attacking football and play-style.

Have a listen to this special #AITalkingTactics Podcast!

Link to Jed Davies' book on Marcelo Bielsa: