Face Off Podcast: Post Match Arsenal 3 Liverpool 4

Face off launches a brand new series on Anfield Index, and one with truly combustible potential. After every Premier League game we invite an opposition fan and a Red to discuss the game gone by, then we sit back and watch the sparks fly!

First up, following Liverpool's insane opening day away game at the Arsenal, we look at an incredible 3-4 win. We review the topsy turvy turn of events and golazos that made this game an early contender for game of the season. We then discuss the bubbling frustration from Arsenal fans that threatens to boil over this season directed squarely at one Mr Wenger, specifically referencing the center back paring on show. We turn to Liverpool to discuss the brilliant performances of our forwards and perhaps the suspect showing of our midfield and some of our defense. The pod ends with each panel member picking their favourite moment of the game.