AI Global Podcast: Show Me The Money

In this episode of the Global Podcast, the Host Srikanth welcomes the ever engaging Dave Hendrick onto the podcast

Dave provides his opinion on the Liverpool-Spurs game and discusses whether Liverpool can prolong this form and approach in the upcoming games.

The panel then moves on to discussing whether the adage 'Liverpool exist to win trophies' is still valid in this modern era. Dave talks about the grace from fall of the FA Cup and its importance vis-à-vis Champions League.

The panel discusses about buying players for Short term goals vs long term approach preferred by Klopp and look at the lack of activity this January. The discussion then moves on to how money and buying players have taken precedence over coaching and building teams.

The last part of the podcast deals with how Liverpool should play the transfer market against the money behemoths and whether our limited outlay should limit our ambition.

Dave closes the podcast with three words on how Liverpool should approach the Transfer Market.