AI Desi Podcast: Episode 65 - Lassi Legends

Gags Tandon is back without Harinder, who is on pod-ernity leave, but he is joined by Desi stalwarts Kam Brainch and Nina Kauser!

They discuss the following:

- Which players are likely to leave us this January/summer & how much will they be missed? Are those players replaceable? 

- Phil Couthino is possibly one of those players, with 36 goal in 143 appearances after signing in Jan 2013, will he be considered a legend?

- What makes a legend in footballing terms and who deserves legendary status alongside the likes of Kenny Dalglish & Steven Gerrard.

- Could December fixtures derail our season? Got loads of games and potential injury concerns and the importance of squad management and rotation by Klopp!

All this and more on the AI Desi Podcast!