AI Desi Podcast: Episode 53 - Eurovision

Gags Tandon is back with Harinder Singh to look back at Liverpool's win over West Ham and their chances of beating 'Boro at the weekend. They are joined by Tiger (Sameer Khosla) on this show!

Once the West Ham discussion is complete they then discuss the return of Daniel Sturridge and whether this is his swan-song or could there be any chance of him staying?

The possibility of Phil Coutinho playing in midfield is also discussed, should he stay, and the benefits of such a move.

Jordan Henderson is the next topic of discussion - is he a vital cog to Liverpool and could he be sold? What are the issues with the captaincy at Liverpool FC?

Finally the lads discuss, albeit briefly, exactly what is required for Liverpool FC to become title contenders. All this and more on the AI Desi Podcast!