Re:sound #216 The 2015 ShortDocs Show — Studs Rules

This hour we listen to some of our favourite entries to the 2015 Third Coast Short Docs Challenge: Studs Rules!

For our 2015 Studs-inspired Challenge we partnered with the Studs Terkel Radio Archive at WFMT.

With their help, we came up with the following rules:
Your radio story must...
• be two to three minutes in length
• be titled with a question that begins with one of the five Ws
• contain the question "And what happened then?"
• and include a shout of silence or a cry of laughter

ShortDocs Featured this hour
(* = ShortDocs Winner, ** = People's Choice Award Winner)

Where Do I Even Start?
by Ben Riskin & Aaron Leeder
A working interview for a smart phone society.

What Do You Need To Know?
by Ilya Marritz
The bread guys pay a visit to a busy Brooklyn deli.

What Happened When You Caught a Toadfish?
by Sam Wemmer, Ian Romer Todd Wemmer
Liam tells Sam about his adventures on a trip to Bali and Sri Lanka.

Where Do We Go...
by Catie Talarski
An audio impression of racial tensions.

What Was It About Marriage Anyway?
by Austin Mitchell
A 1974 conversation between Erica Jong and Studs Terkel... remixed.

What Do You Look Forward To, Aai?
by Nina Pathak
The producer's grandma reflects on growing old in a country that's not her home.

Where Did He Go: Ogichan, Grandad?
by Eloise Stevens
A granddaughter tells us about her grandfather's funeral.

Who Remembers My Father's Voice?*
by Pablo Duarte
I ask my family members if they remember what my father sounded like.

Who Took Mom To the Prom?*
by Emer Horgan with Ronan Kelly
A story of girls who say 'yes' that is 100% true.

What Makes a Good Marriage?*
by Olivia Humphreys
Olivia's grandparents, now in their 90s and married for nearly 70 years, tell her about when they met and give their advice on a long and happy marriage.

What Could Be Bad About This?*
by John-Michael Forman
What if you could learn to stop listening to other people

Where Do I Find You Now?**
by Sara Brooke Curtis
An intimate conversation with Studs about the edges of life and death.