Global Change Award 2015

What can we do to make a change for the planet? In this episode Natalia was invited to the Global Change Award 2015, initiated by the H&M Conscious Foundation in August 2015. By catalyzing green, truly game-changing ideas, they aim to protect the planet. Throughout the whole value chain of the fashion industry; changing the way fashion is designed and produced, shipped, bought, used and recycled.

Natalia sits down with guests like the amazing Amber Valetta, a true activist for sustainability, Rebecca Early, a professor in Sustainable Textile Design, and with the innovator and change agent Ellis Rubinstein, President and Chief Executive Officer of the The New York Academy of Sciences. Listen to what the guests of the Global Change Award 2015 have to say about this very important topic. #standoutpodcast

Stand Out! with Natalia Brzezinski

The 'Stand Out! with Natalia Brzezinski' podcast will change the definition of what it means to be a superwoman. Not just highlighting rich, successful or famous “superwomen or power women”. A woman who bucks convention does the things you’re not supposed to do, or says the things you’re not supposed to say about children, marriage, life, even though they burn a hole in your mind. The podcast will bridge questions of gender, generational change, the old and the new, the community and the individual, modern views of society and self-identity packaged in a fresh, multidimensional context.

Natalia Brzezinski has worked in a dynamic spectrum of roles - from the U.S. Senate Press Office for Senator John Kerry, to The Huffington Post, to the U.S. Embassy in Sweden. Natalia is a connector of people, a bridge between worlds, a digital activist and most of all a storyteller. She is a gladiator for equality, a believer that we are better as humanity when we, men and women, work together instead of working apart. Being equal doesn’t mean being the same. Diversity is the beauty of life. With a well-established global network of entrepreneurs, political leaders and power-players, and luminaries from the international media world and Hollywood, these podcasts will be unmissable.


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