Stand Out! with Natalia Brzezinski

By Acast Originals
The 'Stand Out! with Natalia Brzezinski' podcast will change the definition of what it means to be a superwoman. Not just highlighting rich, successful or famous “superwomen or power women”. A woman who bucks convention does the things you’re not supposed to do, or says the things you’re not supposed to say about children, marriage, life, even though they burn a hole in your mind. The podcast will bridge questions of gender, generational change, the old and the new, the community and the individual, modern views of society and self-identity packaged in a fresh, multidimensional context.

Natalia Brzezinski has worked in a dynamic spectrum of roles - from the U.S. Senate Press Office for Senator John Kerry, to The Huffington Post, to the U.S. Embassy in Sweden. Natalia is a connector of people, a bridge between worlds, a digital activist and most of all a storyteller. She is a gladiator for equality, a believer that we are better as humanity when we, men and women, work together instead of working apart....
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