Special Relationship: Great Debates?

Ahead of showdown #1 at Hofstra University in New York, Celeste and John preview the upcoming trio of presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Presidential debates are a big part of American political culture, and they've given us plenty of memorable moments — even if their ultimate effect on the outcomes of elections are, well, debatable. They're also fairly unique on the world stage.

Former Sen. and New Hampshire Gov. Judd Clegg shares an insider's take he earned by virtue of having played both John Kerry and Al Gore in Republican debate prep sessions. And Jeremy Cliffe of The Economist speaks about the relatively new phenomenon of televised prime ministerial debates in the U.K. and how they stack up with the way America handles these face-offs.

This episode was produced by Alan Haburchak.

Special Relationship, from The Economist and Mic

Special Relationship is a podcast collaboration that examines the US presidential election from the characteristic perspectives of two leading news organizations. Hosted by The Economist’s John Prideaux and Mic’s Celeste Katz, Special Relationship grapples with the major themes and issues in a campaign that has been anything but predictable. Each episode is a conversation, fusing deep dives into specific themes with broader perspectives provided by global and historical comparisons from both sides of the pond. It’s a unique transatlantic partnership between two distinctive voices. It’s a special relationship.

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