Special Relationship: Ad Wars

In our third episode, Celeste and John focus on the stunning tidal wave of 2016 campaign television advertising — and whether or not it's even effective.

Veteran strategist and admaker Jimmy Siegel opens the discussion with his take on what makes a winning TV commercial. Darrell West, vice president and director of governance studies at the Brookings Institution, speaks about the changing landscape of how candidates connect with voters and forecasts the general election ad wars. And Matt Steinglass, The Economist's Europe editor, contrasts America's political broadcast bonanza with the very different — but changing — tone of TV commercials across the pond.

Special Relationship, from The Economist and Mic

Special Relationship is a podcast collaboration that examines the US presidential election from the characteristic perspectives of two leading news organizations. Hosted by The Economist’s John Prideaux and Mic’s Celeste Katz, Special Relationship grapples with the major themes and issues in a campaign that has been anything but predictable. Each episode is a conversation, fusing deep dives into specific themes with broader perspectives provided by global and historical comparisons from both sides of the pond. It’s a unique transatlantic partnership between two distinctive voices. It’s a special relationship.

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