Episode 21: Kat Von D (Tattooist / Artist / Musician / Rad Human)

Someone Who Isn't Me (SWIM) Podcast Episode 21: Kat Von D

Daniel P Carter chats with tattooist, artist, musician and business woman Kat Von D about art, creativity, veganism, her upcoming album and sobriety, amongst other things.

It was a rad afternoon at her house talking about all this, meeting her three cats (who you'll hear making their presence know part way through the episode) and also it was a trip for me to see her incredible art collection, which was my first chance to see a few pieces I knew from seeing online previously, in the flesh. Good times.

For some reason the audio on this one isn't quite up to the usual standard, so I apologise. I had to fight to get past a strange hum on the audio, but its well worth ignoring and enjoying the conversation with an inspiring person.

You can find Kat online here: @thekatvond on instagram and twitter, all things to do with her make up line @katvondbeauty and her tattoo shop @highvoltagetat. If I said those slightly incorrectly on the intro or outro, don't hate me.

Daniel is here: @danielpcarter on IG & Twitter.

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Thank you.