Podcast #170 // Wendy Sachs on being Fearless and Free

I LOVED this conversation with Wendy Sachs! We had the best real talk about motherhood, careers, and faking it until we make it. Wendy  is a master of the career pivot. An Emmy-award winning TV news producer, Wendy has worked at Dateline, NBC, Fox, and CNN. She was also a Capitol Hill press secretary and editor-in-chief of Care.com. We […]

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I’m your host, Sarah R. Bagley, and I created this show to inspire, to uplift, and to encourage all of us to let go of perfectionism and share our authentic stories. Each week I invite guests on the show to share their stories, and we also chat about creativity, small business and entrepreneurship, setting and achieving goals, creating balance, and what living a B+ life looks like for us. Whether you’re a parent, single or married, the CEO of your own business, a writer, a creative, or thinking about your next move, this podcast will give you ideas and tools for ditching perfectionism and taking on challenges.

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