RQG 88 - Moonshine Misery

Join Alex, Lydia, Bryn, Ben and Helen for more happy, happy adventures!


In this episode Hamid talks with his sister and brother whilst everybody else gets into a deep discussion about death rites. Things get awkward. Then Azu introduces everybody to orcish moonshine.


Thanks to this week's Patrons: Abigail Probert, Mira Yeuden, Kaitlin Connor, icarus, Zyon J., jimothyjim, Cameron DeOrdio, Rikki G. Dobson, Heather McElfresh, King of Rats


Editing this week by Ed von Aderkas, Ian Hayles & Alexander J Newall


SFX this week by caquet, adriann, MrCisum and previously credited artists via freesound.org


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