RQG 78 - Stage Fright

Join Alex, Lydia, James, Bryn and Ben as an ultimate evil is ended.

In this episode Grizzop & Sasha leave the basement as Bertie is short of words & Hamid takes a breather.

Thanks to this week's Patrons: Lara Taffer, Justin Bankert & Akvilina Petrutis, Alexandra Krzoska, Jameson Senger, Ian Barrett, JonnyFabian Beranovsky, Richard Maxton & Rob Kerr

Editing this week by Ed von Aderkas, Ian Hayles & Alexander J Newall

SFX this week by previously credited artists via freesound.org

Music this week "Commentatore scene & Final Act II (Don Giovanni) [Instrumental Version]" via achive.org

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