RQG 69 - Rag Week

Join Alex, Lydia, James, Bryn and Ben as they go back to university!

This episode Bertie makes friends, Hamid meets a professor and Sasha gets on with Grizzop.

Thanks to this week's Patrons: Renske S., Ryan McWilliams, Thomas Feeley, James Flinders and Leslie Weir

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Editing this week by Ed von Aderkas & Ian Hayles

SFX this week by sandyrb, thefsoundman, blouhond, drzoom, reinsamba, littleboot, unfa, lazymonk, castironcarousel, caquet, skeetmasterfunk69, hunter4708, magedu, myluckyfeet, littlerobotsoundfactory, mrcisum, newagesoup, ryntjie, zenithinfinitivestudios, addiesindie13, boilingsand, reinsamba, patrick6410 and previously credited artists via freesound.org

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