RQG 54 Paris is Burning

Join Alex, Lydia, James, Bryn and Ben as they start Season 2 of the podcast.

This part finds the gang stuck in a slightly (very) broken Paris and they do what they do best: Sasha tries to help, Zolf sulks, Hamid uses food and Bertie shops.

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Soundscaping by Ian Hayles

As always, today’s game system is available for free at www.d20pfsrd.com

SFX this week from acclivity, benboncan, northern87, manicciola, markthai, rucisko, boxerdave92, mixxythepixxy, speedyrce, hellonyou, robinhood76, sculptor, icmusic, boxerdave92, mivori, inspector, twickabrick and previously credited artists via freesound.org

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