RQG Storyjam! Part 1

Join Alex, James, Bryn, Lydia and special guest Ed Croft as they try out the Beta for the RPG app Storyjam!

In this episode we got bored of Ben and replaced him with an incredibly talented special guest! Join the group as we generate a post-apocalyptic adventure with mutants, mole people, sentient guns and bounty chocolate bars!

We had such a great time trying this out we decided to run a two-parter! Expect the second half next week at the usual time. For more information on the Storyjam RPG app be sure to check the Storyjam Facebook page for the latest updates: www.facebook.com/storyjamgame.

For all those people still waiting on their shoutouts for reviews, don’t worry, we have already begun recording them, promise! There will just be a bit of a delay as we record episodes pretty far in advance. That said, there are a LOT of names to get through so you’ll have to bear with us.

Also, don’t forget our tell-a-friend campaign is now up and running! To get a whole episode dedicated to your and your chums just get them to send us an email!

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