RQG METACAST 4! Going Rogue

Join Alex, Bryn, Ben and Lydia for another Metacast as they discuss how Rogues work in the Pathfinder tabletop game.

Unfortunately due to a massive outbreak of “Goblins” at Rusty Towers we haven’t been able to edit a normal episode this week. Don’t worry, we pre-record episodes so we should have enough in the bank to see us through this rough patch but there might have to be another replacement metacast before we are back on track, So sorry from everyone at Rusty Quill and please believe us when we say we are working flat out to get back on track.

Fun little side note, this metacast was recorded just as the party were leaving Other London, at the same time Rusty Quill moved into its (then) shiny new HQ, we just never had a spare moment to upload it before now. This means the party might discuss a bit of story that is a little out of date but we think its still worth a listen. As always in the metacasts, expect less rules and more story discussion in the second half.

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