RQG Halloween 2015!

Join Alex, James, Bryn and Lydia as they play a one off Halloween special episode of Dredd, as themselves! In this episode, Bryn stays asleep, James repurposes Ben’s liver and Lydia tells James to shut up.

We thought we’d shake things up this week by playing another different system for a single session. Dredd is a great tabletop RPG which uses Jenga instead of dice so you can throw together a game for friends, family and/or lizards who are up for a laugh but less interested in complex rules systems. If you are stuck for something to do this Halloween, why not use it to kill everyone you care about? (Via the game, don’t just brain them with some little wooden blocks.)

Life continues at Rusty Towers as usual. I.e. full fo screams and blood. Weirdly though, when we recorded the upcoming horror podcast this week all we got was bunnys and rainbows…

Also, don’t forget our tell-a-friend campaign is now up and running! To get a whole episode dedicated to your and your chums just get them to send us an email! That said, we have been having some issues with our email so until we track down the issue, if you don’t get an immediate reply try contating us via twitter or the forums. (Sorry!)

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Rules available from http://www.tiltingatwindmills.net/games/dread/