RQG 28 Not-So-Hard Time

Join Alex, James, Bryn, Ben and Lydia as they continue to play the extended pathfinder campaign: Erasing the Line.

In this episode, Sasha misses Zolf, Hamid does “magic”, Bertie does business, business, business and Zolf finds a little romance.

Life continues at its normal hectic pace here at Rusty Towers. Apologies for running the same ad for so many weeks but we are just too busy getting our new podcast ready for you to work on a new one. It would be easier if all our workers don’t keep running away, screaming. Its just selfish!

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SFX this week from www.freesfx.co.uk as well as MJOkNH4O and ValentinSosnitskiy via www.freesound.org.