RQG 27 In The Navy!

Join Alex, James, Bryn, Ben and Lydia as they continue to play the extended Pathfinder campaign: Erasing the line. In this episode, Bertie has sword envy, Zolf gets a grilling Hamid stomps off and Sasha eats all the kippers.

Happy New Year listeners!

A welcome return to our normal programming. All equipment tickety boo and finally some backstory on our favourite peg-legged adventurer.

We’ve had a lot of people asking about the upcoming Magnus Archives podcast. Here at Rusty Towers we have been working flat out to get it ready to pour down your ears. Its nearly ready, we just need to find where “THEY” hid our narrator’s body and then we can launch. So until then, you’ll just have to let curiosity kill all your feline friends.

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SFX this week from previously credited contributors.