030 | FUBU Pieces of Media

Welcome back from the blur that is July 4th Weekend! Last week, Dap (@dapisdope) sat down with one of REELYDOPE’s shadow investors, Mosie on Over, to talk Rick Famuyiwa’s 2015 film, Dope, and more! In Focal Point discussion, the two discuss the merits, nostalgic elements, and faults of the “indie” coming-of-age film, Dope. While Dap maintains his position from his infamous Blavity screed, Mosie has much fonder feelings about it and says just as much. After the break, the two then discussed Y Combinator’s move to provide UBI (Universal Basic Income) to select families in Oakland. From the merits of the thought experiment to its potentially dangerous implications, they air it out.

As always, intros and interludes by Shruggs and the official hashtag of the show is #reelydoperadio.

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And mark your calendars: After this season of REELYDOPE Radio, we’ll be taking a short-ish hiatus to work on things and plan Season 4!