#52 – Hustling, Hood Shit and Real Talk with Uncle Moonk

Here it is – our third ALL ENGLISH episode of The Power Meeting Podcast!

This summer Jons favourite uncle "Moonk" visited Stockholm. We got to kick it with him and discuss some real shit on the pod.

Since Moonk never had a boss we talked about American entrepreneurship and Swedish socialism safety nets. But also about Miami in the 80's, having his beatuy salon shot up by his baby moms, men's fashion, sports injuries and crayfish and cunilingus.

Listen to hear great stories and Peter's awful attempt at a southern drawl.
We had a great time and hope y'all will too!
We'll keep dropping these ALL ENGLISH episodes once a month. Fuck wid us!

The Power Meeting Podcast

Tre killar (Amat Levin (SWE), Jonathan Rollins (US), Peter Smith (SWE)) diskuterar, dissikerar och delger vitt skilda ämnen som slanguttryck, pubertet, åldrande och annat. Ur ett amerikanskt/svenskt/MTV/80's babies-perspektiv – ibland hejdlöst roligt, men alltid intressant – levererar dom quotables samlade runt en mikrofon och en flaska konjak. Tune in!

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