S2E5: The Vibrating Broomstick

An anxious (and Pavlovian) Hermione waits for her nightly booty call from Draco. But turns out he may just be busy with someone else. (hint: starts with “P” and rhymes with “ansy”)

The Potterotica Podcast

Prepare to be titillated, Harry Potter fans, because The Potterotica Podcast is here; featuring horned-up fantasies, beloved characters, and a heavy dose of comedic commentary. Didn’t know erotic Harry Potter fan fiction existed? Neither did hosts and HP fangirls and fanboy Allie LeFevere, Lyndsay Rush & Danny Chapman...until now. In each episode, Allie, Lyndsay & Danny read and discuss a hot and steamy chapter from an erotic Harry Potter fan fiction story. Join them as they explore and freak out over the (wet and) wild world of Potterotica.

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