How the industry (and this ex-Obama official) is reacting to Alex Azar's remarks

HHS Secretary Alex Azar laid out an ambitious plan to promote value-based care this week, pledging that there's "no turning back" when it comes to reforming how hospitals and doctors get paid.

What does it all mean? Karen Murphy's in position to know: She's the Chief Innovation Officer at Geisinger Health System, but she also previously worked in the Obama administration, helping to oversee value-based care efforts, and served as Pennsylvania's Secretary of Health too.

Karen discussed how value-based care is playing out at the provider level, what she makes of Azar's comments on value-based care and medical marijuana, what Geisinger is doing on the biggest public health challenges and why she thinks every health care worker needs to do a stint in government. (Starts at the 18:20 mark.)

But first: POLITICO's Sarah Karlin-Smith and Rachana Pradhan joined Dan Diamond to discuss the latest Trump administration changes to Medicaid, the most recent developments related to the opioid crisis and HHS' evolving communication strategy (Starts at the 1:50 mark).

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