Why are Wizards So Ignorant?

In which our heroes notice that Harry Potter remains very popular, remember that they’ve spoken about it previously and cynically decide to do so again by asking why Wizards are so ignorant about the Muggle world. It’s a Plumbing the Death Eaters revival as we take on Big Owl, explore alternate-reality console release schedules and invite J.K. Rowling to deliver some 100% canon Harry Potter exclusives. Jackson is legitimately concerned about his hypothetical child’s magical indoctrination, Zammit opens a whole new world with the wand/gun hybrid and Duscher just wants to eat pizza into a microphone like a dickhead. Prepare yourself to be repeatedly appalled by the archaic and self-destructive discrimination of an unjustifiably self-satisfied realm. All Wizards Are Bastards.

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Plumbing the Death Star

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