Which One of the Plumbing Boys Would Make a Better Lord Voldemort and Why is it Obviously Jackson B. Baly?

In which our heroes die at the hands of a child, spend some time as a ghost, and then attempt to kill that same child as we ask which of the Plumbing Boys would make the best Voldemort and why is it obviously Jackson B. Baly? We wonder what happened to Voldemort’s nose, turn a chip packet into a portkey, and give out mad cuddles. Zammit asks why the Death Eaters attacked Hogwarts in the first place, Duscher keeps alluding to Nazi Germany, and Jackson just once again argues for a government sanctioned union between two consenting cousins. So gather up your former cronies, put your soul in a snake, and try to kill the Boy Who Lived. It's either you or him so it might as well be him.

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Plumbing the Death Star

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