Which Super Smash Bro would Make the Best Step-Dad? (Feat. Edgoose)

In which our heroes use their up B, grab a super smash, and try to unlock all the secret characters while wondering which Super Smash Brother would make the best step-dad. We look at the unpleasantness that is the Mario family, our mothers weird animal fetish, and age Ness ten years. Jackson loves deadbeat Samus, Zammit accuses Falco of sex crimes, and Duscher does his best to defend his beloved Nintendo characters. So join us as we rank our mother’s potential lovers on an arbitrary scale involving barbecues and dealing with our High School bullies. It’s a strange way for mum to find love, but who are we to judge? Her son. That’s who we are. And Donkey Kong is the absolute worst option. Mum. Stop dating an ape. Please.

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