What Do You Think's Gonna Happen in the New Star Wars Film? (Feat. Steele Saunders)

In which our heroes study up on the latest rumours, disregard it all in favour of wild accusations before turning to outright lies as we speculate what’s gonna happen in the latest cinematic masterpiece from Disney; the new Star Wars film. We (eventually) look at the potential linage of the three main characters, find out about some of the dumb stuff being including in the EU and get distracted by a sneezing cat. Jackson gets excited about a potential tiny villain, Zammit would love to see Han got shot in the head mid-sentence and Steele just wants to know if you’ve seen Luke Skywalker. So take what we say with a grain of salt because in the end, it’s all just guesswork and wishful thinking. But we do know one thing for certain; there’s a bloody new Star Wars film this week! Go see it mate.

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