The Worst Fictional Universe to Live In

In which our heroes don’t care that it’s bigger on the inside, aren’t impressed with how many parsecs you made the Kessel Run in and don’t want to deal with that mutant problem on Earth 616 because there are worse fictional universes to live in. We look at the ethics of mind control, the potential problems that arise when body switching and the responsibility of owning pets at such a young age. Jackson decides on Freaky Friday, Zammit inevitably turns to Star Wars, and Duscher just surprises us all with Pokemon. So pick your side, build your case and bride the necessary judges as we find out, once and for all, the worst fictional universe to live in.

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Plumbing the Death Star

In which we ask the important questions in pop culture and dissect fictional universes. Because seriously, who deals with super weapon sanitation and imperial employee agreements? If you’re looking for serious discussions, this isn't the podcast you're looking for and we are so sorry about that joke.

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