The Odds of Kal-El Landing on Kent Farm

In which our heroes realise their planet is doomed, throw their baby in a rocket and blindly send if off into the cold reaches of space as we try to calculate the odds of little baby Kal-El landing on Kent Farm. We look at the punchability of whales, the punchability of polar bears, and whether it would be better to have Superman as a resident or just a neighbour. Jackson imagines a Superman landing deep beneath the ocean and hassling Atlantis, Zammit imagines a Superman landing in the middle of the Arctic and frightening research teams and Duscher just wants a Superman who casually lives on the Moon. So wave goodbye to your mum-el and dad-el, watch as your planet explodes behind you, and pray to your foreign alien god you end up somewhere good. Statistically you probably won’t.

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