Is Xavier a Jerk? (Feat. Mr Sunday Movies)

In which our heroes survive the initial onslaught, emotionally recover from yet another faked death and pause long enough to stop beating on a sentient room as they start to wonder if Charles Xavier really is a jerk. We once again wonder what kind of education Charles actually provides, how any of the X-Men can look each other in the eye, and try and figure out who bathes Professor X. Jackson wonders what happened to Mahogany Boy, James doesn’t want to go to a school where the principal can read your mind, Zammit once again shows off his encyclopaedic knowledge of Charles Xavier's transgressions and Duscher just wants to use Jean Grey like a canary down a coal mine. So develop a mutant ability, get enlisted in Charles never ending war against his siblings, and wish you'd chosen the Brotherhood instead. By gifted youngsters, Charles clearly means soldiers.

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