Is John Hammond a Bad Boss?

In which our heroes revisit Jurassic Park, go on another (mis)guided tour and run from the dinosaurs that have inevitable escaped from their enclosures while wondering if John Hammond is a bad boss. We look at the complications of building a theme-park on top of Central Park, the many ways one foolish man can traumatise young children, and the outstanding prehistory of horses. Jackson hires mercenaries to protect children, Zammit keeps tabs on how many children die, and Duscher just wants to accept the warm embrace of death. So step through the front gates, realise none of the exhibits are anywhere near safe or secure, and take a journey through Jackson B. Baly’s very own: Dinosaur Park. Nuuh nuh nuuuuuuh nuh nuh, nuuh nuh nuuuuuuh nuh nuh, nuuuh nuh nuuuuh nuh nuh nuuuuuh nuuuuhhh nuh.

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