If You Were a Spider-Man Villain What Would Your Gimmick Be? + Dinosaur Park #2 Subway, Steaks and Argentinian Children

In which our heroes become prominent scientists, take a job at one of the various A.N.I.M.A.L. research projects and get inevitably turned into science powered super villains because of Spider-Man’s (maybe??) meddling. We look at the requirements of being a Spider-Man villain, find reasons to hate Peter Parker and realise it’s super easier making villains when there’s no bat-demon involved. Jackson becomes a giant elephant, Zammit works for some kind of investigative agency and Duscher just wants to turn into a bullet. So join the gang as they turn once more to a life of crime with a single minded vision of ruining Spider-Man’s day.

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Plumbing the Death Star

In which we ask the important questions in pop culture and dissect fictional universes. Because seriously, who deals with super weapon sanitation and imperial employee agreements? If you’re looking for serious discussions, this isn't the podcast you're looking for and we are so sorry about that joke.

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