How Would you Cope Being Furniture? (Feat. Mr Sunday Movies)

In which our heroes refuse to let a creepy old lady into out house when our parents aren’t home, anger the witch and are now cursed with being sentient furniture. We look at the negligence of said witch, try to work out what kind of future we’d become and how that’s determined and wonder what happened to the old furniture. Jackson remembers that the feather duster awakened something inside him, James doesn’t want the cup and ball equivalent of a lobotomy, Zammit keeps getting thrown into a pond and Duscher just wants to be the Beats. It’s a tale as old as time as we find out just how well we’d cope with being furniture. Not great.

Want to help support victims of being turned into furniture? Head to and for as little as $1 a month, you can help make a difference in former furniture support groups.

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