Ethical Concerns of Meta Human Prisons (Feat. Mr Sunday Movies)

In which our heroes get caught in a particle accelerator explosion, gain the power of speed and start putting other powered people in windowless boxes underground with the blessing of our cop dad and never once question any ethical dilemmas that might arise. We attempt to sue the Hulk, suggest meta humans should have their own system of law, and explore the bitchiness of the Justice League. Jackson points out that Flash's MO is the same as a Batman villain, Zammit could not deal with a solid 20 minutes in a box, and James proposes a virtual reality prison for meta humans. So ask your policeman daddy to give you carte blanche to kidnap people, tap into the speedforce, and decide who's box-worthy. The answer is usually anything that isn’t you.

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Plumbing the Death Star

In which we ask the important questions in pop culture and dissect fictional universes. Because seriously, who deals with super weapon sanitation and imperial employee agreements? If you’re looking for serious discussions, this isn't the podcast you're looking for and we are so sorry about that joke.

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