What are the Consequences of Mario Kart?

In which our heroes slip on a banana peel and blue shell themselves. It’s Mario’s reign of terror as we try to work out the logistics of organising a go-kart race with your nemesis, your girlfriend who keeps getting kidnapped under your watch, a living fungus and an actual, wild gorilla to name a few. Jackson looks at things from the perspective of a goomba, Duscher brings forth Mario’s clear agreement with Bowser to terrorise his friends every time they have a party and Zammit marvels at Mario’s diabolic genius of making his friends compete to join him on his next adventure. It’s a brightly coloured Mario themed Hunger Games as everyone spends far too much time doing terrible impressions of video game characters.

Plumbing the Death Star

In which we ask the important questions in pop culture and dissect fictional universes. Because seriously, who deals with super weapon sanitation and imperial employee agreements? If you’re looking for serious discussions, this isn't the podcast you're looking for and we are so sorry about that joke.

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