What Do We Think is Going to Happen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? (Feat. George Dima)

In which our heroes crash land on planet earth, lose their parents to a mugger, and then decide to punch on as they speculate what’s gonna happen in Batman v Superman. We talk about every other superhero film instead, delve into the injustice fan theory that makes Man of Steel better and start our very own Civil War. Duscher defends Spider-Man 3, Zammit really wants a courtroom drama, George puts all the blame on David S. Goyer’s need to be seen as a rad guy and Jackson just wants it to be the Super Friends. So line up for the midnight screening, get comfy in your seats, let us know it you’re #TeamJoel or #TeamJoel and hope that this (probable) train wreck of a film never slows down.

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