11 - Kat and Me

Ten episodes old and may the odds be ever in our favour! Brave tributes Emma Platt, our returning host, and her guests Chris Haigh and PICK A FLICK! debutante Stacey Taylor--skipping over from her own STACEY'S POP-CULTURE PARLOUR--face the challenges and dangers of two fresh nominations.

First up, courtesy of 'Robbo' McGovern, is THE HUNGER GAMES - they agree on the bravery of Effie Trinket and how great Jennifer Lawrence's arse is...

This leads nicely into an overall discussion of DYSTOPIAN MOVIES, along with some great suggestions from you, the listener, on Twitter & Facebook.

Lastly, nominated by Skip to the End podcast, the trio are gifted 1980's 'classic' MAC AND ME to enjoy. Stacey recounts how it traumatised her, and Emma just plain unleashes the fury!

Finally, it's Stacey's turn in QUESTION TIME, this week about her chosen movie - how will she fare on the leaderboard.

Give it a listen and you may catch fire! (not literally)

Pick a Flick!

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Are you passionate about tacky romance films? Do you punch the air at the worst B-movies known to mankind? Secretly are you curious about films with a lot of boobies? Never fear! Your podcasters are here.

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