30 - To Be Frank

Coca coooola! Lipstick ring! Dance all night! Dance all night! This is the way you like it as PICK A FLICK! explores music-themed movies with host Dave Bond (loaned from Do You Expect Us to Talk?) plus guests Stacey Taylor (she of the Pop Culture Parlour) and debutante on the show, Lee Grice.

Nominated by Zack Lockwood, the trio take a close look at FRANK, the Lenny Abrahamson critically appreciated take on the Frank Sidebottom phenomenon, before exploring FOUR ROOMS--nominated by Pop Culture Rewind--all agreeing it may be the film Quentin Tarantino would like to forget!

They also take in audience feedback on their favourite music-themed movies along the way. Plug in the Korg synthesizer and join them!

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Pick a Flick!

Is there a particular film you love, or have seen, that you wish more people knew about? Do you want to know fun, interesting and potentially quite surprising details about your favourite, and least favourite films?

If you answered yes, then PICK A FLICK! is the podcast for you.

Hosted by former Black Hole Cinema team Tony Black, Emma Platt & Dan Taylor, it's designed to hand the power of film podcasting back to the audience, our rule is simple: we don't pick the films we talk about - *you* do.

Are you passionate about tacky romance films? Do you punch the air at the worst B-movies known to mankind? Secretly are you curious about films with a lot of boobies? Never fear! Your podcasters are here.

There is no film we won't watch, that we won't study, that we won't suffer. Then we will podcast about it in excruciating detail, all for you.

So join in! Nominate a film via our Twitter or Facebook handles and we'll add it to our roster and give you a lovely mention while we do it.

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