28 - Who Watches the Dead?

'Tis the season for Zack Snyder, fa la la la la la, la laaa laaa laaa---ahem, yeah, given Snyder is all in vogue, we thought we might keep the focus on the big man as Chris Wallace (hosting for the first time) and Wikishuffle compadre Phil Sharman are joined by Pop Culture Parlour's Stacey Taylor.

They look at WATCHMEN, Snyder's divisive adaptation of Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons's unfilmable graphic novel, square the focus on Alan Moore movies in general, before looking also at EVIL DEAD 2 - though that's not the one all of them have watched.

Oh and this one has, without doubt, the most fun & protracted quiz Pick a Flick! has ever done. Thanks to all for the nominations and join us next time for more fun & japery.

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