#18 OH! Records Podcast - Guestmix From mikkelrev

This month OH! Records Podcast have mikkelrev as a guest!

mikkelrev is a Stockholm born, Uppsala based Swedish producer with releases on Oh! Records and HMWL under his belt.
The new EP, “Spank the Monkey” will be released on Oh! Records on November 11th 2016 and features three original tracks by mikkelrev and two remixes of the title track “Spank the Monkey”. The title can mean a few different things. In the case of mikkelrev’s track “Spank the Monkey”, the inspiration from the track comes from a board game with the same name. Having played few too many rounds of the game in the summer of 2013, the inspiration for the track was inevitable. But after having sketched out the main ideas for the track, mikkelrev forgot about it for about three years, until 2016, when he decided to finish and release the track. Stockholm based Oh! Records was a perfect match for the track, and mikkelrev also picked out just the right people to do the remixes. In Urmet K, he found someone to embrace the track’s deeper side, while Swedish producer Carl Dern has a more progressive take to his remix.

OH! Records Podcast is a collaboration between OH! Records Stockholm and Mix Media Arts.

OH! Records Podcast

Endless summer nights. Sexy music. Beautiful people. Love. These are the things people have come to associate with Oh!, one of swedens longest running clubnights.

Oh! Records, the digital platform of founders Andreas Hansson & Dana Bergquist, will bring back sweet memories for those familiar with the magic club, and introduce the duos musical vision to those unfortunate souls who so far have been missing out on the Oh!-experience.

Oh! will release special music, made by family and friends we´ve met on our musical quest. Expect quality house, deep house and old school flavoured disco biscuits from producers like Dana Bergquist, Daniel A Söllscher, Sunshine Jones, Drop Out Orchestra, Tigerskin, Alex Arnout, Luke Fair, pothOles, Alain Ho, Sachrias & Aslak, Saalim, Lee Webster, Rhythm Operator, Dirt Crew, Soul Minority, Climbers, Daso, Nils Penner, Sasse, Tiger Stripes and more.

OH! Records Podcast is a collaboration between OH! Records Stockholm and Mix Media Arts