10 LESSONS FROM MY MOM (aka America's Gangsta): Ha!

I love my Mom. She's probably THEE most fearless (in nearly every way) than anyone I know. Good ol' Brenda! Here are some pretty cool things I've learned from her over the years.

1. If you get an invitation, attend. Otherwise, don't expect people to come to your party and we all love seeing people at OUR party.

2. Speak!

3. Never date a friend's EX.

4. Never ASK permission for anything that you shouldn't be.

5. Have fun!

6. Put your PIECES on!

7. If you say something TO or ABOUT someone that would cause them to hit you in your mouth, ask yourself if you would still say if you got hit in it and if you STILL do and get hit, be ready for that too!

8. When choosing a mate, think about the kind of FATHER he will be FIRST.

9. NEVER shrink yourself.

10. Do it ANYWAY.